Your Jewelry, Watches, & Cars Qualify You For a Loan


At Vienna Jewelry Loan, we offer collateral loan services for our customers who need cash but also do not want to outright sell their jewelry. If you need cash, you can bring in the jewelry you have at home, we will appraise it in a private setting, and offer you a loan in exchange. We love to solve our client’s money needs by temporarily transforming their assets into cash.

We keep your jewelry safe and sound in our facilities while your loan is active. Once your loan period is concluded, you can pay the loan and fees and receive your jewelry back. Rest assured that our services are completely safe and discreet.

Fine watches

While fine jewelry is a popular item to pawn or use as collateral for a loan, fine watches can also be used as collateral. At Vienna Jewelry Loan, we love watches and offer customers the opportunity to secure a quick and easy collateral loan based on the appraisal of their watch.

When you trust us with your watch, we keep it locked up in a secure area out of sight while your loan period is active. Once your loan period ends, we are happy to reunite you with your watch or extend your loan period for a nominal fee. Remember that all of our transactions are safe and discreet.

Exotic & Classic Cars

At Vienna Jewelry Loan, we love exotic and classic cars and we understand how much you love them too. Exotic and classic cars are not only beautiful, they can also be very valuable and we can help you turn your classic or exotic car into cash. We loan money to you depending on the appraisal of your vehicle. During the loan period, we keep your car safe and sound at our warehouse, until you are ready to come back and collect it.

Once your loan period has ended, just come in and pay your loan and fees, and we will return your beautiful car back to you. Rest assured that the whole transaction is handled with professionalism and privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pawn shop and how does it work?

Pawn shops both buy and lend money against the stuff you bring in. You may either sell an item to a pawn shop for cash or let a pawn shop keep it in return for an interest-free loan. If you do not return the loan according to the conditions agreed upon with the retailer, the item may be repossessed. While pawn shops receive a terrible name on the big screen, they’re really governed by 14 federal classifications and state-specific regulations, so you can rest assured that the vast majority are trustworthy and well-run.

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Do you accept stolen items?

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