Get a Loan on your Rolex and Fine Watch

Quick cash with your Rolex

Many think selling their valuable assets can be their only option to get quick cash. If you have an urgent financial need, pawning your Rolex watch is a smart step without losing your valuables.

Here at Vienna Jewelry Loan, we can provide you with an immediate quote to secure a collateral loan using your Rolex or fine watch. As a trusted jewelry pawn shop in Virginia, we are always happy to provide the highest possible loan on Rolex and fine watches, whether vintage or modern.

How to Sell Rolex and Fine Watch to Vienna Jewelry Loan?

Step 1 Free Rolex or Fine Watch Valuation

Come into our office for a free evaluation of your Rolex or fine watch. Bring your timepiece and proof of purchase. Our highly experienced in-house team will thoroughly inspect and authenticate your timepiece.

Step 2 Instant Payment

We guarantee to offer you a fair price based on your timepiece’s evaluation. Once you’re happy with the quote and terms, you will receive your cash via bank transfer or in cash. You pay a monthly service fee to keep your contract in force.

Step 3Get Your Watch Back

Once you repay the amount in your contract, we will ship your Rolex or fine watch to you with full insurance. Or you may pick up your timepiece in our shop once your contract is fulfilled.

Want to pawn your Rolex for quick cash?